Dakota James Karupsha

First Impressions Professional porn models are great (they get to the pro level because they´re super hot and really good at what they do) but sometimes there´s nothing hotter than a girl that´s totally new to the business and hasn´t really done it before. Instead of the well-honed sexy version of her you get something purer, which is what I find so attractive about Karup´s Hometown Amateurs. They work with girls that become famous pornstars and lots that just do a few scenes for them and move on with their lives. There´s a great deal of content teased on the tour page, including videos that will give you a boner. Hot Promises First on the list of promises made by Karup´s Hometown Amateurs is that they update six times a week, a great bit of news for anyone that´s ever bought a membership only to find that the site has gone dark and you´re not getting anything new for your money. They show the updates too, so it´s not just a false promise. You can then browse the site and check out dozens of pictures of their beautiful models and see that solo girl porn is very popular and they occasionally throw in a hardcore sex with a slim girl taking a big dick in her slippery little hole. Also note that there are seriously beautiful women all over this site. Round-Up Cute is king with Karup´s Hometown Amateurs and the site is stuffed to the brim with adorable chicks and their gorgeous bodies as they seek to amaze and arouse you with daily updates of terrific content. The name of the site suggests it will be nothing but amateur content, but that refers to the models and the sort of aesthetic they´re going for more than anything else. Professionals shoot these sets, after all; it´s not just girls submitting selfies and homemade porn. What they mean is that most of the girls have not worked in porn or don´t have much experience and they tend to be on the cute site of the spectrum. They´re more girl next door than they are sultry pro pornstar slut. You might see a notable face or two but for the most part you´re not going to recognize these girls and that´s the point. There´s great charm in a site that trades in cuties, at least for a certain type of guy. These girls seem a little more accessible and that makes them a little more arousing. Sometimes the pornstar super sluts seem almost non-human, as if they´re perfect physical specimens sent here to arouse us. The girls of Karup´s Hometown Amateurs are the kind we feel like we might have a shot with in a bar, particularly after a few drinks and raging hormones. Of course we likely wouldn´t have a shot, but it´s nice to dream about such things. The bottom line is that they´re cute, sexy, and getting naked for you because they like to tease and arouse. Karup´s Hometown Amateurs was founded in 2001 and immediately began producing content at an incredible rate. They continue to update daily, often giving you multiple sets and helping the site grow. Their current collection includes more than 3,500 videos and 7,800 picture galleries. Those are big numbers, but it´s not quite as rosy a picture as it sounds like. The problem is that it look a little too long for them to upgrade to the high quality content of modern porn. It wasn´t until 2010 that they made the switch to nothing but HD porn. You´ll find some HD videos before that but if you go back too far you get nothing but really low quality WMV files that are largely unwatchable, particularly when compared to the good modern stuff. It´s not a complaint so much as a word of warning. If you´re joining in hopes of finding 3,500 HD videos of cute naked chicks you need to reconfigure your perceptions. However, they add 4-6 new videos per week so you really shouldn´t run short of content. The other issue with having such an old and large site is the difficulty in browsing. They clearly didn´t think far enough ahead to a time when people would expect powerful browsing tools and when they would have such a large site as to warrant that. They give you a search function but it´s not good enough. The problem seems to be that they would have to go back through their content and tag every single set to give you data to search through. That´s a huge undertaking they´re likely not willing to commit to. The result is frustration in browsing. I would label all of that as minor frustrations at best and they´re easily overwhelmed by the sheer joy of so much new and fantastic porn featuring cute young chicks. They don´t emphasize it nearly enough on the tour but there´s quite a bit of hardcore porn inside Karup´s Hometown Amateurs and there´s a special delight in watching such sweet young ladies have sex. Again, it´s that girl next door thing that is so damn sexy because it can somehow be hotter to watch girls like that get fucked than the super slutty pornstar types. All hardcore scenes are really well produced with an arousing blend of passionate connection and fucking in the positions that look good on camera. In solo sets they´re equally involved in the production of passionate action and the girls almost always appear to have real orgasms on camera, not just fake action. They´re given all the toys they need or can choose to use their fingers to get off and there´s typically a moment in the masturbation videos where you can see the girl almost forget she´s on camera and exclusively pursue her orgasm. Her face begins to contort in sexy ways and she just goes for it, hoping to cum hard and not caring about anything else. Picture galleries at Karup´s Hometown Amateurs tend to focus on how beautiful these girls are and how good they look getting naked. They dress them in a huge variety of outfits, from cute tank top and shorts combos to sultry lingerie sets that enhance their already considerable physical gifts. Even hardcore sets tend to include solo posing as the girl gets you warmed up before the banging starts. Stripping is captured with poses that show perky tits and pussies both bald and with trimmed hair and they do a great job of having the ladies look into camera with sultry eyes while they´re behaving badly. Croco´s Opinion For a steady supply of cute young models doing any number of dirty things Karup´s Hometown Amateurs is a great choice. For $29.95/month they give you daily updates and have an impressive archive of girl next door types behaving badly. More hardcore fucking than you might expect fills the pages of the site and there´s a ton of great solo porn featuring all kinds of arousing outfits, striptease, and genuine masturbation that makes them orgasm on camera. Famous models blend with inexperienced girls looking to have some fun getting naked and beauty abounds. The older content is often too low quality to really enjoy but they´ve been around for a long time, so that´s to be expected. Outside of a lack of a powerful search function the site has everything you could want and represents a great bargain. Navigation They really could use a more potent search system to allow for great separation of the scenes. With such a large number of picture galleries and videos it can be frustrating when you´re looking for something specific. It´s a minor complaint but keep it in mind. Pricing Policy 30 days of membership costs $29.90 and if you pay for 3 months in advance you pay $69.90.